The Joy Of Missing Out

The Face of Success

In 2007, entrepreneurial genius Arianna Huffington woke up face-down on her desk in a pool of her own blood with a broken cheekbone.Arianna Huffington Propelify

She had collapsed from burnout, exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

She asked herself, “Is this what success looks like?”

Today, she’s an evangelist for disrupting the way we live and work by emphasizing the importance of personal wellness.

Many entrepreneurs and businesspeople operate under the delusion that burnout is a side effect of success, when in fact your health and well being are the most fundamental components of a sustainable business model. The connection between performance and physical/emotional status is scientifically proven.

A Global Epidemic

Stress is one of the biggest global epidemics, and it’s costing us more than our peace of mind. Healthline explained that chronic stress can negatively impact your central nervous and endocrine systems, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, digestive system, muscular system, sexuality and reproductive systems, and your immune system.

Over time, stress hormones will weaken your immune system and reduce your body’s response to foreign invaders, making you more susceptible to illness and causing you to heal slower.

Even the fastest car on the track has to stop for gas and tires at some point. No one can operate at constant high-speed without crashing and burning before they make it to the finish line. It’s not realistic and it’s not safe.

As a society, we need to move away from the preconceived notion that around the clock working is the best way to achieve our goals. When you make your health a priority, you become a stronger, happier version of yourself, which provides a sturdy foundation for you to build off of.

The New ‘FOMO’

“FOMO” is an acronym referring to the fear of missing out, but what about the joy of missing out? Arianna Huffington knows that sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is disconnect, recharge and celebrate the joy of missing out. “JOMO,” she said, “How about that?”

We spread ourselves too thin, constantly connected to the stress of the world through our phone. But are your devices draining your battery? Never disconnecting from your devices leaves less opportunity to recharge, and that is ultimately how Arianna Huffington broke her cheekbone.

Managing stress is vital and doable for everyone. Arianna’s new company, Thrive Global, has a library of useful content about tips to manage stress and behaviors that will make you unstoppable.

Your Source of SuccessArianna Huffington Propelify

Delicious fruit comes from a healthy tree, because all valuable products stem from the quality of their source. Your mental and physical wellbeing are incredibly influential. If they aren’t maintained, they will work against you. You need to be at your best in order to produce your best.

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