Propelify & City of Hoboken, Stevens, Library, awarded $100,000 Innovation Grant

Special Announcement: Propelify & City of Hoboken, Stevens, Library, awarded $100,000 Innovation Grant

A few months ago Propelify teamed up with the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Library, the NJ Tech Meetup, and Stevens Institute of Technology to apply for an Innovation Challenge planning grant from the NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA).  

I’m so very pleased to share that yesterday it was announced that we won.

For many years I’ve been advocating for the tech opportunity in NJ, certainly in Hoboken, but all around the state. With Gov Murphy’s vision and under Tim Sullivan’s leadership there is clearly a refreshing new culture and mission at the NJ EDA.  I see great promise in the work they are doing to promote technology and entrepreneurship around the state.

It’s worth noting that in a disparate state like NJ, a grant to Hoboken alone would have been celebrated.  That there have been 14 grants awarded around the state, truly shows the EDAs dedication to leveraging the strength of a rising tide among us.

With this grant, we will formalize a plan and our cooperation with the City, Stevens, and the Library.  The plan will further Hoboken’s strength as a leading community for startups, entrepreneurship and innovation.  I look forward to sharing more and definitely welcome your input.

Let’s propel.

/ Aaron, founder, Propelify

“The industry-specific knowledge that Propelify brings to the City of Hoboken’s Innovation Challenge partnership will be essential to developing a plan that ensures the most critical needs of Hoboken’s entrepreneurial community are addressed. This collaboration between local government, industry, and academia will help to position Hoboken to continue to attract up-and-coming companies and talent.”

– Tim Sullivan, CEO NJ Economic Development Authority

“Hoboken is thrilled to partner with local innovation leaders including Propelify, Stevens, and the Hoboken Library, and this investment will help solidify and nurture the emerging tech community in New Jersey.  Thank you to Governor Murphy and the NJEDA for recognizing Hoboken in this round of funding.”

– Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla

“The technology innovation community of Stevens is delighted to partner in this initiative to develop and showcase the value proposition of Hoboken as a technology hub.  We have all the right ingredients to build on and expand the vibrant technology community that already exists here in Hoboken.”

– Stevens President Nariman Farvardin

“The Hoboken Public Library is excited to join with the City of Hoboken, Stevens Institute of Technology. and Propelify in this collaborative effort to foster innovation for the benefit of the entire Hoboken community.”

– Lina Podles, Library Director, Hoboken Public Library

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