A Serial Entrepreneur’s Latest Victim: Stress

The Cure for a Global Epidemicarianna huffington thrive

After selling the Pulitzer-Prize winning Huffington Post to AOL for $315M and publishing 15 books, Arianna Huffington has moved onto her latest project: Thrive Global.

“I’m a serial entrepreneur,” said Huffington at Propelify. “I’m also an evangelist about disrupting the way we work and live.”

The World Health Organization cited stress as the biggest global epidemic of the 21st century, estimating it costs American businesses around $300 billion a year. Stress is having a direct impact on our mental and physical health.

The purpose of Thrive is to accelerate a cultural shift toward sustainable professional and personal life balance, which will improve well being and performance.

Thrive says, “It’s time to validate and celebrate the people who are taking the time to take care of themselves.”

The merited team of experts and writers at Thrive provide employers and employees with science-based solutions, which squash the previously held belief that long-term success comes to those who prioritize work above all.

While Huffington wrote several books on the topic of self care and its relationship to performance, she was determined to turn the ideology of “thriving, not surviving” into something more tangible.

Three Components of Thrive Global

1. The Corporate Component…

Focuses on working with companies to change their culture; putting a greater emphasis on work/life balance and integration. By measuring the impact of personal well being to the bottom line–productivity and health care costs–companies can see the connection between wellness and performance.

2. The Content Component…

Curates original, expert and community content to combine science with storytelling. By using pop culture influencers like Selena Gomez and Jeff Bezos as guest writers, Thrive has disrupted the “delusional way of living that says you need to be on 24/7.”

3. The Commerce Component…

Includes thoughtfully selected technology and other products that facilitate a balanced way of living and working. For example, the phone bed charging station.

At Propelify, Huffington mentioned Tristan Harris, a Google project manager, and his feature on 60 minutes. She was moved to agree with his critical observation: in the attention economy, our most precious resource is our attention and our time. The thoughts, projects, apps, content, and people we choose to give that to have an incredible impact on the quality of our life.arianna huffington thrive global

It is Thrive’s mission to make you pay attention to the things you are paying attention to, because they affect your emotions, your expectations and your performance.

With an impressive history of building success from passion, it looks like Arianna Huffington is headed for another resounding triumph.

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