The Ultimate Guide To Parking For Propelify

You’ve got your Propelify ticket in hand. Now make sure you know how to get to the festival easily and on time.

While parking in Hoboken is known for being difficult, it’s entirely doable if you arrive informed about the available options and parking rules. Below are Hoboken Parking Helper’s top four tips to help make parking for Propelify easier for you:

Take Uber or Public Transit

If you are able to take public transit or an Uber or something similar, it’s suggested that you do. It will save you all of the headache so that you can focus solely on the event and you can stop reading this now:

Driving? Street or Parking Garages

Hoboken parking can be a bit of a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Hoboken Happy Hour has this guide for how to find street parking >>

And here is a listing of all the parking garage options, thanks to Google Maps >>

Know the Signs

If you prefer parking on the street, no problem. Just be sure to understand the parking rules in detail ahead of time. You can read up on street parking signs here. Be sure to download the free Hoboken Parking Helper app which will highlight exactly where each of these street parking options are for you. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for street cleaning!

Huge shout-out to Dave at Hoboken Parking Helper for putting together this guide. Be sure to stop by his table at Propelify and say hi!

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