Speaker Snapshot: Suzanne Xie, CEO, Hullabalu

After working for both Goldman Sachs Asset Management and UBS Investment Bank, Suzanne Xie embraced her destiny as an entrepreneur. Her first startup, Weardrobe, grew as one of the largest online fashion communities, ultimately purchased by Google. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in economics.

She has since pivoted, creating family-friendly media through her NYC-based startup Hullabalu. Hullabalu’s first interactive story became a #1 seller in 38 countries in App Store Books upon release.

How Suzanne Propels

For some entrepreneurs, success comes natural. Suzanne Xie dances within this group, gladly sharing her passions with the world and watching them flourish. With a creative spirit that knows no bounds, Suzanne finds an equally limitless outlet with her startup Hullabaloo.

…but you don’t have to take our word for it.

She has been likened to the King of Family Storytelling himself: Mr. Walt Disney. To encourage timeless values and lessons upon younger audiences, Suzanne draws from the Harvard Business School, the Boys and Girls Scouts of America, and the U.S. Army–bringing these stories up-to-date and infusing boundless spirit into each.

Each story on Hullabalu is interactive. Responding to digitally-engaged youth, Xie created an immersive, enriching environment to replace the void left by Saturday morning cartoons. While the stories reside online, Suzanne hopes that these timeless tales inspire youth to go out and explore on their own; whether it be places, ideas, or emotions.

Noteable Quote

“The burgeoning medium of interactive stories is important. It’s the first step to inspiring kids to explore the world around them and learn about themselves along the way.”

Suzanne is speaking on May 18, 2017 in Hoboken, NJ at Propelify Innovation Festival,  where 8,000+ innovators from across the Northeast unite for a must-attend day of tech, investors, talks, exhibitors, VR, drones, and music. Register For Propelify Now.

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