Speaker Snapshot: Ryan Harwood, CEO, PureWow

Ryan Harwood is the CEO of PureWow, a lifestyle website catering to women in the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations – markets often overlooked. Upon launch, PureWow reached a subscribership of over 500,000, and has since been purchased by VaynerMedia. The success of PureWow resides with both its readership and its identity as “creative and nimble.”

How Ryan Propels

Ryan has come a long way since his time at Goldman Sachs. A close friend of Ben Lerer, founder of the wildly popular website Thrillist, Ryan caught the entrepreneurial bug–and a bit of jealousy. After witnessing his friend’s mega success, he studied markets and launched PureWow in 2010.

Ryan has adapted to changing online landscapes, utilizing a full suite of assets to the benefit of his own company as well as enticed advertisers.

With both empowerment and social expertise on his side, Ryan Harwood understands how to reach and activate high volumes of people. His work with PureWow is a testament to his knowledge of both individual and digital design, encouragement, and resonance.

Noteable Quote

“The worst decision is indecision.”

Ryan is speaking on May 18, 2017 in Hoboken, NJ at Propelify Innovation Festival,  where 8,000+ innovators from across the Northeast unite for a must-attend day of tech, investors, talks, exhibitors, VR, drones, and music. Register For Propelify Now.

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