Speaker Snapshot: Christina Sass, Cofounder & COO, Andela


Christina Sass is the co-founder and COO of Andela, which seeks, recruits, and pairs software engineers throughout Africa with global technology firms on a full-time basis.

A graduate from the University of Georgia with a BA in Ancient Philosophy, as well as a Tufts University graduate with an MA in International Law and Diplomacy, Christina has a full arsenal with which she addresses some of the world’s most leading problems with education and professional based solutions.

How Christina Propels

Christina Sass’s inspiring work around the world makes her a highly regarded influence both within the tech space and throughout the world. Christina has designed education and employment programs in China, Kenya, Nigeria, Gaza and the West Bank. Before her entrepreneurial debut, Sass directed the Program department of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Though her current work with Andela is designed to introduce talent from African countries to global technology firms, the broader goal is to generate professional interest throughout the continent. There is no doubt she has similar feelings regarding her work in other areas of the world, where education and professional development have become one of many highlights throughout her career.

It seems as though Christina’s purpose has always been to establish deep-rooted connections. The goal of her first job, youth director of the Athens, GA YMCA, was to “build strong children, strong families, and strong communities.” Christina took the idea of “thinking globally, acting locally” quite literally, strengthening bonds within a small community and taking that knowledge to make impacts around the world.

Christina’s impassioned vision remains clear while she continues her dedicated work. She currently serves on the Advisory Council of the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights and on the board of the non-profit Global Give Back Circle.

Notable Quote

“You transform lives by doing karaoke together, dancing together, living together, working your ass off together, and being really honest with each other.”

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