Speaker Snapshot: Alex Blumberg, Founder & CEO, Gimlet


Alex Blumberg is the co-founder and CEO of the podcast network Gimlet. An award-winning reporter and passionate radio-host, Blumberg has forged an incredible career as an entrepreneur, producer, CEO, and founder.

Before Gimlet, Alex Blumberg worked as producer for NPR series This American Life. The success of This American Life catapulted it from radio to TV, with Alex as the show’s executive producer. His reporting has earned himself and staff members a Peabody Award, a Public Radio News Directors Incorporated award, as well as an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, where Alex discussed the financial crisis.

How Alex Propels

Alex’s passion for radio may stem from his time as a producer for award-winning NPR series This American Life, which canonizes various tall-tales, small-tales, and every-day-tales across the U.S. It could stem from his time spent as a freelance radio reporter. No matter where one looks, it seems as though Alex was destined to become a leading voice in the radio-world.

Alex’s breadth of work spans genres. Both enriching and expertly crafted, his work has effortlessly evolved with the medium, gaining dedicated viewers whether tuned in through television, radio, or digital platforms.

With Gimlet, Alex continues to pursue his passions in all their forms. He has personally documented the trials and tribulations of two start-up companies on Gimlet’s own, StartUp. His engaging style quickly gained a wide listenership and has since launched 10 more podcasts.

A dedicated entrepreneur, Alex Blumberg continues to build upon the success he has found through his storytelling, reporting, and investigative journalism. His work embodies his passions; a truly remarkable achievement that has, and continues to, bring him success and accomplishment.

Noteable Quote

“Audio is going on-demand the same way everything else did 10 years ago. And that changes entirely the way we listen. There’s room for lots more variety, formal experimentation, new ways of listening that weren’t possible before.”

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