Speaker Snapshot: Albert Wegner, Partner, Union Square Ventures

Albert Wenger has been a partner at Union Square Ventures since 2008. A Harvard College graduate in economics and computer science, Mr. Wenger culminated his education with a Ph.D. in Information Science from M.I.T. He has since pursued his own ventures while guiding others towards paths that lead to prosperity.

Professionally, Albert has sat on executive boards of multiple successful enterprises, championed behind innovative businesses and ideas, and founded or co-founded five companies in areas including information technology, management consulting, and data analytics. He consistently proves his ability to locate and harness innovation behind many leading businesses and apps today.

How Albert Propels

You may not have heard of Union Square Ventures, where Albert Wenger is currently a partner, and that’s OK. However there’s little doubt you’ve heard of del.icio.us, where Albert was president. Or Etsy, where Albert currently sits as a Board Observer. Or the slew of other successful businesses Albert manages, oversees, or consults. The man knows a great idea when he sees one.

He’s no novice to entrepreneurship, either. Albert Wenger has founded or co-founded several companies, engages with thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders through his talks around the world (including TED), and provides in-depth expertise on business development, growth, management, and automation.

Albert Wenger’s expertise is only matched by his passionate pursuance of innovation in all its forms. From online craft-shops to information technology, Albert has a keen eye for locating, nurturing, and propelling organizations to success.

Noteable Quote

“Location is one of the linchpins for creating compelling experiences on mobile.”

Albert is speaking on May 18, 2017 in Hoboken, NJ at Propelify Innovation Festival,  where 8,000+ innovators from across the Northeast unite for a must-attend day of tech, investors, talks, exhibitors, VR, drones, and music. Register For Propelify Now.

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