Connect With Regional Tech Leaders in Propelify’s Community Host Pavilion

At Propelify, we’re all about tech and innovation. That means that our speaker line-up is filled to the brim with internationally and nationally recognized influencers, founders, and game-changers.

But the tech community is MUCH larger than that. On May 18, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with regional tech leaders in our Community Host Pavilion.

Throughout the day, ambassadors from NY Tech Meetup, Brooklyn Tech Meetup, Westchester Tech Meetup, founders groups, and more will be available for questions, insight, or just to talk shop.

Make sure to stop in to hear about the latest in tech innovation throughout the tri-state area. Learn how you can get involved, and join communities of interesting people doing interesting things all year round.

Great ideas can take time to develop. Keeping yourself immersed in the tech world, surrounded by passionate people, will help get your idea off the ground faster! So stop in!

The Community Host Pavilion is yet another great way to leave Propelify 2017 with solid next steps and maybe a business connection or two.

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