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Pitch Imperfect Application Form

Pitch Imperfect - Casting Application

Propelify & Entrepreneur Magazine are now casting Pitch Imperfect, the show that helps good entrepreneurs with an imperfect pitch turn into better entrepreneurs with a perfect pitch. The competition pairs you with a business and public speaking coach who help you focus on your presentation style, your target audience, and your ask so that you nail your pitch every time. Winner gets lots of prizes, including investor intros, elite coaching, and a fastpass on to be Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch which has over 30M views and invested over $20M in companies that have been on the show. Apply now!
  • This video can be unrehearsed, include errors, and recorded on a phone. We just want a chance to see your pitch (we'll help you perfect it! that's the point!). A good way to do this is to record it on your phone and then post it YouTube. Tip: mark it as "unlisted" on YouTube if you don't want it to be publicly viewable.