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The Propelify Book Club

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The Propelify Book Club is an exclusive book club dedicated to Propelify Insiders.  Perfect for Insiders who are hungry to build knowledge, network, and learn what it takes to propel great ideas.

The club will offer monthly business books to read and discuss,  Live Q&As, and a number of networking opportunities!

How it Works


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Each month we’ll select great books and share them with you


 We’ll host a Live FB sessions on key lessons from the book.  We even get exclusive talks with authors.


You’ll utilize the key takeaways to grow yourself and your business

Successful Entrepreneurs Must Be Readers

I read more than three hours almost every day… I read every book and magazine I could. Heck, $3 for a magazine, $20 for a book. One good idea that led to a customer or solution and it paid for itself many times over.

Mark Cuban


This Month’s Featured BookDiscussion Date: March 5th @ 4:30pm EST

Chet Holmes helps his clients blow away both the competition and their own expectations. And his advice starts with one simple concept: focus! Instead of trying to master four thousand strategies to improve your business, zero in on the few essential skill areas that make the big difference.The Ultimate Sales Machine shows you how to tune up and soup up virtually every part of your business by spending just an hour per week on each impact area you want to improve—sales, marketing, management, and more.

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