Meet The Team: Propeller Innovation Festival 2016

The 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of many many volunteers from across the state, and even across the country.

When Aaron put out the call for volunteer help in a NJ Tech Meetup email in late 2015, over 70 people responded and became involved.  We are a community, willing to support each other.  The team has since grown to over 100.  These volunteers have been the driving force behind bringing Aaron’s vision to life.

The team has been working remotely, meeting in person, leveraging their own time, talent and networks, all to make the best experience possible for you- fellow members of the innovation community.

team2  team4

Right now, we’re all heads down, working to make the first year of the festival as amazing as possible.

It’s going to be an amazing day, so we hope you will join us.



If Aaron took the time to individually thank everyone right now, we would be listening to his rambling “thank you Academy” speech until after May 20th.


We all know how much Aaron loves trophies…

This page will continue to grow as we add more and more names to give credit to the amazing team that has united to make get the 2016 PropellerFest off the ground in year 1.


(More members to come…)


William Scheideler – Allie, Tiffany, and Dana.

JP from Macallen Group


Anthony Johnson

Danielle Sheppard Design

Carolina Faure

Susana Caparros

Adrianna Blauvelt

Day of Program

Sarah Jayne Johnston

Kapilla Sood

Community Outreach


Propeller Media and PropellerFest are not associated with Propeller Industries, LLC. PropellerFest is now Propelify.

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