Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Propelify 2017 & How Hoboken Is Working With the Tech Community

It’s no secret anymore that Hoboken, NJ – just minutes away from Manhattan – is a mecca for startups and entrepreneurs in its own right, proud home of companies like Audible, Nokia Bell Labs, and of course, Propelify Innovation Festival. To learn more about how the tech community is part of the long-term vision of Hoboken, we went straight to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. In this interview, Howard Greenstein gets the scoop on how the growing tech community is shaping development and life in Hoboken. What are Mayor Zimmer’s thoughts on Propelify v2? “It’s a great showcase of what’s happening in Hoboken. It’s a place for people in the industry to come together, and for Hoboken residents to have a chance to get to know about all the great things that are happening in our city and our region. We’re really proud to be a sponsor of it.”

For more conversations like these, head to the Propelify YouTube channel or join thousands of innovators across the Northeast in Hoboken, NJ on  May 18, 2017 at the Propelify Innovation Festival for a day of tech, investors, talks, exhibitors, VR, drones, and music.



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I’m proud to say that the NJ Tech Council (NJTC) has acquired Propelify and I have been appointed as the NJTC’s CEO.