Be a Part of the First Propelify Humanity Challenge


Be a part of the first Propelify Humanity Challenge: Gun Violence

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The reason so many of us pursue entrepreneurship and technology is not to pursue a fortune, but to realize our purpose and to make a lasting positive impact on the world. The ethos of our name, Propelify, is to represent our community of those who take action, propelling ideas into reality.

We need that action now.

How can we stand up and take action, as a community, to make a positive impact on gun violence?

We posed this question to you and you’ve inundated us with responses.

So we’re planning an event - we call it the Propelify Humanity Challenge - to brainstorm, form teams, and act on the best ideas among us. Think of it like a Humanity hackathon.

Let's unite to address the issue of gun violence through the lens of entrepreneurship, tech, and innovation. What might we accomplish with our immense resources, ideas, and determination?

None of us can solve this problem alone, but together we can seek solutions that have the power to benefit us all.

Sign up above to stay in touch as more details unfold. All people and all ideas are welcome. Our goal is to rally members across our community to share ideas and to propel the best into action.

Humanity is waiting. Consider yourself challenged.

Aaron Price

Aaron Price 

 founder & CEO at Propelify 

This Humanity Challenge was inspired partly by you and this post which generated over 17,000 views and hundreds of responses.