How to Have Better Sales Conversations

Daniel Moskowitz is the founder of The Superhero Sales Academy and believes sales should be win-win for both the customer and the salesperson. How to make that happen? By selling with love, appreciation, and gratitude. Want to bump up your sales game? Here are three great tips from Daniel on how to amplify sales conversations:

Create Goal Clarity

The first step to a successful sales conversation? Gain a very clear understanding of exactly what your client wants to achieve.

“What are the goals, what are the business drivers your prospect is trying to achieve?” Daniel said. “And what are the things that will make really help them make long-term, strategic moves?”

A few questions to help gain insight into your client’s goals:

  • What demographic do you typically attract?
  • How does your brand interact with this demographic?
  • Where does this interaction fit into your long term business strategy?
  • How are you being judged in your organization by the metric you want to improve?

By gaining clarity into the client’s current goals, you’ll be better able to offer services, products, and solutions that apply directly to the client’s needs, instead of shoving a overwhelming menu of choices or one-size-fits-all option at them.

Tell A Great Story

‘Sales is storytelling,” Daniel said. “Sales is not about facts and figures, but about finding that compelling story with an emotional element that brings everything together.”

How do you tell a great story that creates a sense of excitement around your product or service? First, envision how leveraging your product or service would help the client achieve their specific goals. Then, tell the the client that story. Lead your client through the emotional stages of how affecting change within their company or smashing their sales quote or boosting engagement would actually feel – and the excitement for your product will naturally build. 

“An exciting story around what you do will show the prospect how a product or service will affect the people they care about,” Daniel said.

Offer The Moonshot

Daniel’s final secret ingredient to a successful sales conversation? Offer up three levels of different sales pitches in the same conversation. Daniel breaks down sales pitches like this:

  1. Below Budget – The 110% safe option.
  2. Above the Budget – The option that moves the needle, really achieves things, and gets the company right to the 10-yard line.
  3. Moonshot – The audacious, super creative option that really gets the imagination going. The moonshot is the most expensive, but also the most exciting option. The moonshot is also potentially the biggest win for the client –  and for you.

“It’s funny, but with the moonshot, and with the right idea, to the right person in an organization, suddenly the budget becomes available,” Daniel said. “A compelling moonshot captures the imagination and gives them a big win towards their actual business drivers.”

Offering a range of solutions will help the client achieve their goals, within any budget – and help you achieve a the best possible sales conversation.

Watch highlights from Daniel’s conversation with Propelify Innovation Festival founder Aaron Price here:

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