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10 Questions with Bill O’Farrell, CEO of Body Labs

NEW APPS Ohhh… You’re talkin’ to the wrong guy. I’m over 50. My new toy is a better tennis racket. Even better. I just bought a new surfboard. (Bill writes this off as an after-thought, but it’s


How James Altucher Comes Up With Million-Dollar Ideas

When it comes to finding the right business idea, is it possible to train yourself to come up with ideas for million-dollar businesses in just six months? Well, James Altucher went from broke to starting


8 Gary Vee Narratives Worth Watching

Gary Vaynerchuk is an irreverent content machine. He get’s put in a “social media” box in people’s head’s, and can be a bit off putting to some people at first, but here are


Meet The Team: Propeller Innovation Festival 2016

The 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of many many volunteers from across the state, and even across the country. When Aaron put out the call for volunteer

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