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Speaker Snapshot: Bonin Bough, Host, CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles

Bonin Bough hosts Cleveland Hustles, a CNBC series focusing on aspiring entrepreneurs who promote their product via presentation before a panel of judges. Prior to his work on television, Boughs was chief


3 Communication Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The tools you have to keep someone’s attention in this distraction-ridden world are becoming ever more valuable.


Welcome to the World of Connected Devices, Part I: Intro to Internet of Things

Tapping & Clicking Our Way Through The Internet Of Things Remember when having a Razr flip phone and an iPod determined whether you sat with the cool kids or not? (Yeah me neither, I was never a


Why Gender Diversity in Tech Matters, Explained in 3 Minutes

Gender diversity and leadership in tech is an urgent issue to address to offer balance to a male-dominated industry and avoid the negative ripple effect.


PropellerFest is now Propelify.

It’s a new year and we have a new name. Idle ideas don’t fly.  #LetsPropel     PropellerFest (now Propelify) has no affiliation with Propeller Industries.


PropellerFest is now Propelify. Here’s why.

When I chose the name for Propeller and the 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival I wanted a name that embodied the concept that ideas are easy – it’s the execution that matters.  Imagine your


The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity

Could you imagine a world in which we create software that surpasses human capabilities? Well, we’re in that world, and Google is the lead pioneer.


Google Express vs Amazon Prime: which on-demand service is the most promising?

East Coast it’s time to rejoice! Why? Because we’re all lazy and have zero patience. A couple weeks ago, Google Express announced they are expanding their services to the Northeast to include Connecticut,


Why I think the acquisition is disappointing for the NJ/NYC tech community

Backstory: the 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival was born out of the experience of growing the Hoboken-based NJ Tech Meetup into one of the region’s most active and engaged tech communities In 2012