Propelify & City of Hoboken, Stevens, Library, awarded $100,000 Innovation Grant

Special Announcement: Propelify & City of Hoboken, Stevens, Library, awarded $100,000 Innovation Grant A few months ago Propelify teamed up with the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Library, the NJ Tech Meetup, and Stevens Institute of Technology to apply for an Innovation Challenge planning grant from the NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA).   I’m so … Read more

Payless Marketing Campaign Earns Media Attention

Payless didn’t “trick” anyone as this headline reads: “Payless tricked ‘influencers’ into paying $600 for $20 shoes at fake ‘Palessi’ store” Nor did they troll anyone as this one reads: “Payless trolls shoe snobs with fake luxury ‘Palessi’ store Palessi created a different value prop with a different target audience than Payless. This happens everywhere, … Read more

3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Y Combinator

In 2018, startup accelerators are no longer a new topic. Startup accelerators have become incredibly popular for early stage founders and investors. Over the last five years, seemly everyday a new accelerator popped up for a new city, region, or industry. We are now at the point where the startup accelerators themselves being classed into … Read more

Top Notch Oil Changes Brought To Your Door – A Q&A With Nomad Oil Founder, Eric Pearson

Nomad is an innovative business that brings top-notch oil change services to your front door. Their goal is to make a stress free and easy way to pamper your car. We sat down with founder Eric Pearson to learn more about how he got started with Nomad Oil, what struggles he’s had and how he’s … Read more

The number one thing every entrepreneur needs in order to succeed – learnings from NJ Tech Meetup 85

If you missed this month’s NJ Tech Meetup, you missed a lot of invaluable insight from Brian Hirsch of Tribeca Venture Partners and presentations from 3 rising startups. Fortunately, I’m here to provide a recap. But first, let’s dive into the startup’s that presented. I’m sure each spectator took away something specific from the meetup, … Read more

Why I Still Have a Desktop Computer

Legacy.   Legacy is the only reason I continue to have a desktop computer.  The old way of managing devices hasn’t withered enough to rely completely on IoT devices.  In other words, I still see some value in my current old stuff to keep a desktop around.  This will not last forever and I give … Read more

Upcoming Events May-June 2017

Community partners are part of what makes Propelify work. Here’s more about what’s going on in the ecosystem: Startupalooza White Plains Pitching Event Wednesday, May 24, 2017 KOI CREATIVE SPACE 169 MAMARONECK AVENUE WHITE PLAINS, NY, 10601 UNITED STATES “Join entrepreneurs, founders and technologists at KOI Creative Space in White Plains, NY for a … Read more

The Future of Transportation

The future is always an interesting topic.  Unlike discussing the weather, asking someone the open question of “what will the future be like” gives you an idea of their interests and how they perceive their place in the world today. I often think about transportation.  It has an immense weight on all decisions in my … Read more

Future of Delivery

The future of delivery will be very different than you can imagine. The other day I stood in front of a bowl of green tomatoes and wished they were ripe. There I was waiting for my investment in tomatoes to be realized. A few more days, I thought, but like everyone else these days I … Read more

When Entering a Business, Consider Your Exit

Guest post by Jeff Cassin, M&A and corporate attorney with Norris McLaughlin. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds when starting a new business, from securing adequate capitalization, how to get to revenue neutral/positive, to a whole host of operational concerns, but what they’re rarely thinking about is how to sell their business. This would … Read more

A Startup Failure Story

What happens when your startup isn’t catching fire? When something you care so much about, and would make the world such better a better place, isn’t working? When you’ve paid for everything out of your own savings and dedicated every moment to bringing this idea to life? When you finally accept that there isn’t enough growth … Read more

5 Ways Flow Can Help You In The Workplace

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Trevor Vaughan. If you’ve ever been hyper-focused in the heat of a sports match, participated in an extreme outdoor activity, or lost yourself for hours while playing a musical instrument, then chances are you’ve experienced Flow. Flow is best defined as, “A mental state that gives rise … Read more

100 Years In, Grey Group Still Embarking On New Adventures

Founded in 1917, the Grey Group advertising agency has been famously effective for 100 years, something most startups only dream about. We visited their offices in New York to talk about what’s shifting in the advertising industry, how they’re working with startups, and their new division Grey Adventures, which actually launches new products and services … Read more

Surplus of Innovation

Everything is the tech world is rapidly changing. People chanted “the death of email” with Slack two years ago, only to quickly change to “the death of the death of email” less than a year later. The past 18 months have seen more and more communications apps (all with their own proprietary contact list), which … Read more

The Rise of Digital Personal Assistants

Living in a cave for the last few years would save you from hearing Alexa, get me this and Siri, what’s the weather in Cairo?  For those, like myself, who user digital personal assistants, when they work they are wonderful.  When the slightest hiccup occurs, they are monstrously annoying. Does everyone need a digital personal … Read more

Welcome to the World of Connected Devices, Part I: Intro to Internet of Things

Tapping & Clicking Our Way Through The Internet Of Things Remember when having a Razr flip phone and an iPod determined whether you sat with the cool kids or not? (Yeah me neither, I was never a cool kid. ) Well now, having a handheld robot that’s also your personal assistant/doctor/trainer/nutritionist/lawyer and can unlock your doors/change the … Read more

PropellerFest is now Propelify. Here’s why.

When I chose the name for Propeller and the 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival I wanted a name that embodied the concept that ideas are easy – it’s the execution that matters.  Imagine your idea and your business as an airplane.  Without the propeller it’s just an idea, stagnant on the runway, literally unable to move. … Read more

Google Express vs Amazon Prime: which on-demand service is the most promising?

East Coast it’s time to rejoice! Why? Because we’re all lazy and have zero patience. A couple weeks ago, Google Express announced they are expanding their services to the Northeast to include Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia, making the total U.S. … Read more