Why I Still Have a Desktop Computer

Legacy.   Legacy is the only reason I continue to have a desktop computer.  The old way of managing devices hasn’t withered enough to rely completely on IoT devices.  In other words, I still see some value in my current old stuff to keep a desktop around.  This will not last forever and I give … Read more

Upcoming Events May-June 2017

Community partners are part of what makes Propelify work. Here’s more about what’s going on in the ecosystem: Startupalooza White Plains Pitching Event Wednesday, May 24, 2017 KOI CREATIVE SPACE 169 MAMARONECK AVENUE WHITE PLAINS, NY, 10601 UNITED STATES http://www.koicreativespace.com/calendar/2017/5/24/startupalooza “Join entrepreneurs, founders and technologists at KOI Creative Space in White Plains, NY for a … Read more

The Future of Transportation

The future is always an interesting topic.  Unlike discussing the weather, asking someone the open question of “what will the future be like” gives you an idea of their interests and how they perceive their place in the world today. I often think about transportation.  It has an immense weight on all decisions in my … Read more

Future of Delivery

The future of delivery will be very different than you can imagine. The other day I stood in front of a bowl of green tomatoes and wished they were ripe. There I was waiting for my investment in tomatoes to be realized. A few more days, I thought, but like everyone else these days I … Read more

When Entering a Business, Consider Your Exit

Guest post by Jeff Cassin, M&A and corporate attorney with Norris McLaughlin. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds when starting a new business, from securing adequate capitalization, how to get to revenue neutral/positive, to a whole host of operational concerns, but what they’re rarely thinking about is how to sell their business. This would … Read more

Connect With Regional Tech Leaders in Propelify’s Community Host Pavilion

At Propelify, we’re all about tech and innovation. That means that our speaker line-up is filled to the brim with internationally and nationally recognized influencers, founders, and game-changers. But the tech community is MUCH larger than that. On May 18, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with regional tech leaders in our Community Host Pavilion. … Read more

Volunteer for Propelify 2017

Want to help make sure Propelify 2017 is an unforgettable event? Are you at least 18 years of age? If you answered “Yes!” to both questions, then good news! You can! Right now, Propelify is accepting volunteers to help in many aspects of festival planning, including: Box Office Brand Ambassadors Green Team Press And much … Read more

Propelify 2017 Exhibitor FAQs

When is the event? May 18th, 2017.  The rain date is May 19th What size is our booth? Please check your agreement to verify your booth size. What are the standard assets that come with our booth?   If you are in Innovation Row: 1 (one) cocktail table in a shared 10×10 space. Shared quad … Read more

Samsung NEXT Presents: The Startup Competition Cohosted with Techstars & Staples

It’s time to put your start-up to the ultimate test! Propelify 2017 is super excited for this year’s Startup Competition, presented by Samsung NEXT and cohosted with Techstars & Staples. This is an awesome, awesome opportunity to instantly get your startup in front of thousands of people, win great prizes to help you grow faster, and … Read more

Virtual Goodie Bag Swag: Here’s What Each Propelify Ticket Purchase Gets You

An event without free swag is like… Coachella without flower head wreaths. Like Electric Zoo without neon. Like Comic Con without B.O. There are some things you just expect when you go to an awesome event. And Propelify 2017 is no different (well, there might not be many flower head wreaths…but we’re an inclusive group!) … Read more

5 Ways Flow Can Help You In The Workplace

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Trevor Vaughan. If you’ve ever been hyper-focused in the heat of a sports match, participated in an extreme outdoor activity, or lost yourself for hours while playing a musical instrument, then chances are you’ve experienced Flow. Flow is best defined as, “A mental state that gives rise … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Wendi Sturgis, EVP Yext

Bio After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Wendi Sturgis began an incredible career in the tech industry. She’s held executive roles in organizations including Oracle, Gartner, and Yahoo! Inc. In 2013, Wendi accepted a role as Chief Customer Officer with Yext, a business-tailored SaaS hailed as one of America’s fastest growing companies. Interesting … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Christina Sass, Cofounder & COO, Andela

Bio Christina Sass is the co-founder and COO of Andela, which seeks, recruits, and pairs software engineers throughout Africa with global technology firms on a full-time basis. A graduate from the University of Georgia with a BA in Ancient Philosophy, as well as a Tufts University graduate with an MA in International Law and Diplomacy, … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Scott Sandell, Managing General Partner, NEA

Scott Sandell is the Managing General Partner of NEA since 1996. Investments in life sciences, biotechnology, and other innovative fields keep Sandell–and NEA–on the cutting edge of technological advancements. Before his time with NEA, Scott worked on Windows 95 as a Product Manager at Microsoft. He holds a MBA from Stanford and an AB in … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Alex Blumberg, Founder & CEO, Gimlet

Bio Alex Blumberg is the co-founder and CEO of the podcast network Gimlet. An award-winning reporter and passionate radio-host, Blumberg has forged an incredible career as an entrepreneur, producer, CEO, and founder. Before Gimlet, Alex Blumberg worked as producer for NPR series This American Life. The success of This American Life catapulted it from radio … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Divyank Turakhia, Founder, Media.net

Bio The founder of Media.net, Div Turakhia, now finds himself amongst a small class of digital entrepreneurial billionaires, after selling his juggernaut ad tech business. Started by finding a niche in the advertising technology sector, Div built Media.net in to one of the leading digital advertising businesses that manages over $500M of ad spend across search, display, mobile … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Ryan Harwood, CEO, PureWow

Ryan Harwood is the CEO of PureWow, a lifestyle website catering to women in the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations – markets often overlooked. Upon launch, PureWow reached a subscribership of over 500,000, and has since been purchased by VaynerMedia. The success of PureWow resides with both its readership and its identity as “creative … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Suzanne Xie, CEO, Hullabalu

After working for both Goldman Sachs Asset Management and UBS Investment Bank, Suzanne Xie embraced her destiny as an entrepreneur. Her first startup, Weardrobe, grew as one of the largest online fashion communities, ultimately purchased by Google. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in economics. She has since pivoted, creating family-friendly media through … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Albert Wegner, Partner, Union Square Ventures

Albert Wenger has been a partner at Union Square Ventures since 2008. A Harvard College graduate in economics and computer science, Mr. Wenger culminated his education with a Ph.D. in Information Science from M.I.T. He has since pursued his own ventures while guiding others towards paths that lead to prosperity. Professionally, Albert has sat on … Read more

Speaker Snapshot: Bonin Bough, Host, CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles

Bonin Bough hosts Cleveland Hustles, a CNBC series focusing on aspiring entrepreneurs who promote their product via presentation before a panel of judges. Prior to his work on television, Boughs was chief media officer of Mondelez (with brands including Cadbury, Oreo, Nabisco, and many more) and Vice President of PepsiCo. Bonin is considered one of … Read more

Surplus of Innovation

Everything is the tech world is rapidly changing. People chanted “the death of email” with Slack two years ago, only to quickly change to “the death of the death of email” less than a year later. The past 18 months have seen more and more communications apps (all with their own proprietary contact list), which … Read more

The Rise of Digital Personal Assistants

Living in a cave for the last few years would save you from hearing Alexa, get me this and Siri, what’s the weather in Cairo?  For those, like myself, who user digital personal assistants, when they work they are wonderful.  When the slightest hiccup occurs, they are monstrously annoying. Does everyone need a digital personal … Read more

2016 Propeller Innovation Festival Brings Technology, Music, Networking To Hoboken’s Pier A Park

Producers, Sponsors, Hundreds of Volunteers Come Together for One Day Celebration of Northeast Tech, Entrepreneurial, and Maker Communities Press Release published Apr 14, 2016, 17:06 ET, at PR Newswire. HOBOKEN, N.J., April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival, a daylong event where innovators of the northeast will unite, today announced a full 14 hours … Read more

Why we chose to pass bringing this big name musical artist to our event

At the 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival, we seek to unite the innovators of the northeast. That means a day filled with top-notch speakers, future-changing exhibitors, drones, VR, VCs, a startup competition, and so much more, concluding the day with a musical performance from an artist who is relevant and brings a high energy musical finale. Yesterday … Read more

All You Can Vee

Navigating the Gary Vaynerchuk Content Buffet, from NJ Tech Meetup member Gil Olsen. Gary Vaynerchuk recently asked his audience, “am I putting out too much content?” The answer is no. just like an all you can eat buffet, it’s definitely possible to consume so much that you’ll want to throw up. Seth Godin has said people … Read more

10 Questions with Guillaume Gauthereau

INSPIRATION WHO IS YOUR HERO AND WHY? Mother Theresa. She is someone that has shown that if you follow your truth, and your bliss, even if you have no idea exactly how to do it, than the universe and everything is going to provide around you. She built an 10,000 person organization that is present … Read more

10 Questions with Jenny Fielding of Techstars

Jenny Fielding is the Managing Director of TechStars, investing in Hardware, FinTech and The Internet of Things. Inspiration WHAT’S OUT THERE INSPIRING YOU RIGHT NOW? My next batch of startups, of course. I got my FinTech group in the spring, and IOT in the fall. Lots of good companies coming through my door. (NOTE: New IoT … Read more

10 Questions with David S. Kidder

INSPIRATION WHO IS YOUR HERO AND WHY? In the enterprise world, it’s Beth Comstock at GE. She’s an enterprise hero on a lot of levels. In the Startup world, I think Reid Hoffman. He’s amazing- as a person, as a human, as a thinker. I think he is a hero. In world of non-profit or … Read more