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You’re Crushing it? Bart Lorang Calls Bullshit. How Are You Really Doing?

Bart Lorang starts every meeting he leads at FullContact the same way. He asks everyone in the room to pause for a moment and do a personal check-in. The check-in is simple. He wants everyone to ask themselves:


From Idea to Reality: How The Co-Founder of Thinx Underwear Made it Happen

Antonia Saint Dunbar, the co-founder and owner of the Thinx and Icon underwear lines, knows a thing or two about launching successful products and building high-profile companies. Want to turn your own


Clueless about creating video content? Start here.

Do you need to produce video content if you want a future in media?Chris Williams, Chief Product Officer of iHeartMedia, Jesse Hertzberg, former CEO of Livestream, and Hope King, anchor at Cheddar Media,


How to Build an Authentic Community and Awesome Event

In a candid one-on-one conversation, Propelify Founder Aaron Price discusses the nuts and bolts of planning the 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival. Read on for his top three tips to build an event that


How to Avoid Sloppy Product Execution

With the barrier to entry so low, now is an amazing time to be a technologist. But, with the gates to the tech world opened up, how do you make a great product that stands out from the herd? At the Propelify

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