Propelify & City of Hoboken, Stevens, Library, awarded $100,000 Innovation Grant

Special Announcement: Propelify & City of Hoboken, Stevens, Library, awarded $100,000 Innovation Grant A few months ago Propelify teamed up with the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Library, the NJ Tech Meetup, and Stevens Institute of Technology to apply for an Innovation Challenge planning grant from the NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA).   I’m so … Read more

PropellerFest is now Propelify. Here’s why.

When I chose the name for Propeller and the 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival I wanted a name that embodied the concept that ideas are easy – it’s the execution that matters.  Imagine your idea and your business as an airplane.  Without the propeller it’s just an idea, stagnant on the runway, literally unable to move. … Read more

Our Welcome Letter

Hi. It is with enormous pride and pleasure that I write to you on this fine Tuesday with the very first official introduction of the 2016 Propeller Innovation Festival, a unique technology and music event. Our official mission is: To unite innovators to celebrate what’s new and create what’s next with inspiration, education, and fun. … Read more

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