Yogasorri - Propelify
  • New Jersey
  • Good Health and Well-Being for people
  • 02/01/2018
  • Pre-Seed Stage
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Bringing Yoga and Mindfulness programs to children directly into schools and communities

This project is scalable throughout the school system, The benefits provided are not only for the kids, but for caring, responsible adults who can bring franchises to their communities thus bringing not only education, fitness, and social responsibility but also jobs in underserved communities and neighborhoods.

We have programs in 40 schools, touching 100's of children. This is extremely scalable and can have geometric positive impact.

The founders are myself and Michael Browne. I was a founder of Mettaflow, which consulted with companies and teams to help them perform optimally. Michael is the founder of Rockasorri, which is an already established music company that goes into schools bringing music programs in the metropolitan area. Both of us have been a part of both successful and unsuccessful ventures, so we have the grit and fortitude to get through growing stages and some experience to avoid some pitfalls of past failures. We are both huge believers in the power of community and we know thats where the momentum and collective dharma lies.