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  • 06/09/2017
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Uplift Humanity provides the resources and education needed to help empower communities to become self-sustaining. We bring people together by providing housing, providing sustainable medical treatments, solar, clean water, and jobs so people can escape poverty for good and pass these skills on to other communities.

Uplift Humanity seeks to impact the world by creating sustainable communities. We do this by looking at all of the things a community needs to lift themselves out of poverty and have a good quality of life. This includes taking care of basic necessities like buildings homes for impoverished populations, water filtration, and generating power through solar. For our house builds we recruit volunteers from universities and then build the house WITH the community. This means members of the community are actively participating in building each others homes to build a strong sense of camaraderie. Water solutions are more complex and are dependent on the region but generally we believe bio filters will help combat many of the illnesses that plague populations around the world due to disease ridden water. We have global partners that we work with for energy solutions. Think about how much time people spend using electricity. How can 3rd countries and especially their impoverished populations start to compete on a more level playing field? It starts with solar that we install on every house. Our team of doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and trainers all seek to conduct treatment that is non-invasive and sustainable. What this means is we focus on preventative medicine rather than curing disease. This methodology includes fixing posture, understanding balanced diets, women's health, and exercise education. We're the first Non-Profit to be impacting Panama in this way. Lastly we work on jobs, because what good does it do if you've got a better quality of life but no real road map to learn any skills that will earn a salary. We do this on the 850+ acres of land that we bought last year to facilitate organic agriculture so that we can uplift people out of poverty.

In the past much of our team has volunteered with other non-profits building houses, treating patients, and even creating water filtration systems. Our impact is starting this year as we finish our $10 million series A by the end of the summer to facilitate the goals for our organization. As we tackle many different aspects that ultimately make up one cohesive system, we have to ensure all of the right documentations and plans are laid out to efficiently execute our first build and medical trip in September 2018.

Our leadership team is made up of some truly incredible individuals that I am blessed to have on board and is always adding more talent. Catherine Cortez - Vice President of Uplift Humanity is a marketing genius with a love for her home country Panama. With over a decade of experience in Adwords, advertising, influencer marketing, and SEO, Catherine really identifies where to tackle a problem while spreading the word about what we do. Jackellyn Trinh - General Counsel of Uplift Humanity is a talented, results- producing professional that is able to work in any business facet. She has established and mandated comprehensive marketing strategies for some of the largest firms in the nation. She has demonstrated perseverance during cost conscious times, and is constantly thinking outside-the-box to create solutions. Demonstrated solid leadership skills, and ability to build and guide top-performing communications teams in order to coordinate overall efforts between major stakeholders and decision makers. Rohan Mathur M.D. - Co-Chief Medical Officer of Uplift Humanity is currently a Resident Physician in Neurology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital passionate about improving the access and quality of healthcare for disenfranchised urban populations in the United States and abroad. With in depth knowledge of targeted molecular treatments and selected as one of 10 fellows nationwide to give an oral presentation on research findings at the Doris Duke CRF National Meeting 2013, Rohan adds tremendous value as a doctor in creating solutions to medical problems that focus on preventing disease. AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS • Shining Heart Award, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2017 • Carl and Gunilla Bronell Scholarship in Neurological Medicine, Rutgers RWJ Medical School, 2015 • Distinction in Research, Rutgers RWJ Medical School, 2014 • Academic Excellence Scholarship, Harvard University, 2014, 2015 • Summa cum laude, (GPA 3.97) Rutgers University, 2009 • Highest Departmental Honors, Dept. of Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Rutgers University 2009 • Paul Robeson Honors Research Scholar, Rutgers University, 2008-2009 • New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research Summer Research Award, 2008 • Rutgers University Academic Excellence Scholarship, 2006-2009 • Dean’s Award for Excellence, Rutgers University, 2007 • Rutgers College Academic Excellence Award, 2007 Dipal Patel - Co-Chief Medical Officer of Uplift Humanity is currently a full-time, orthopedic physical therapist, and has just begun to also working part-time with an agency to provide early intervention physical therapy services to children between the ages of 0 and 3. She has a true passion for helping others, which is why she chose to pursue a profession in physical therapy. Helped provide sustainable therapy to the people of a small village in the Dominican Republic. "It was the most rewarding experience of my existence thus far, and it was incredible the difference where we were able to build a house in a period of 5 days, while also employing our knowledge base as physical therapists to enhance the lives of those with inadequate access to quality healthcare." Chirag Charlie Bansal - Chairman & Founder of Uplift Humanity and currently owns startups in Food and Fashion. His knowledge in marketing/sales and business analytics research helps his entities become more effective and efficient at cornering the market. Started working at the age of 11 and has since worn many different hats. Astute in cultivating a talented team with the foresight to take a plan from conception to completion. Leadership is a joint effort and I have never thought of myself as a unilateral decision maker. I like to listen to my team's thought process on a problem and ask them questions before I form my own decision. This way everyone gets heard and we make a decision that makes the most sense. By surrounding myself with people more intelligent than myself not only will I grow but also gain from the experience others have. Having this approach allows us to tackle problems from different approaches and that's why I believe it's important to have people with unique personalities on the board. I only think I am suited to lead because my team believes I should be leading as long as that's true I will do my best to fulfill that role.