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  • New Jersey
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 10/12/2017
  • Pre-Seed Stage
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Sulis is introducing an energy-efficient, solar radiation-based photocatalytic water sanitation device to provide access to sanitized water to communities in need across the world, such as developing nations affected by neglected tropical diseases and developed nations affected by natural disasters.

Sulis seeks to solve one of the most pressing global issues of our time by providing access to sanitized water to communities in need. Suli is introducing an energy-efficient water sterilization device that will be sustainable, profitable, and revolutionary. Our vision is to manufacture and distribute a series of solar radiation-based photocatalytic sanitization devices to locations that lack potable water. This includes rural areas of developing nations affected by neglected tropical diseases and developed regions affected by natural disasters. Current water sterilization methods are often expensive, inefficient, infeasible for large-scale use, rely on the use of toxic chemicals, or are highly specialized. The Sulis device operates under a broad range of conditions, can sanitize water at scale more effectively and at lower cost than current methods, and does not rely on existing infrastructure. Based on recent groundbreaking research initiatives, the Sulis technology is unparalleled in its versatility, scalability, sustainability, and its ability to generate local employment.

By removing pathogens from the water source, we help reduce the incidence of waterborne neglected tropical diseases. By using local manufacturers and local distributors, we will be able to employ the very same people who we seek to serve, resulting in an improvement in local economic conditions. The combined effects of improved health and economic conditions will signal the success of our device.

Sulis is comprised of a team of diverse talents, background, and expertise. Our CEO, Anurag, is studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Business Administration, and Spanish. His passion and commitment for addressing the public health epidemic in India has been the driving force behind Sulis since its inception. Yuki is studying Chemistry and Sociology and is a published nanomaterial research assistant. He applies his practical experience in chemistry in leading our research and development testing of the Sulis technology. Sarah is studying Management, Entrepreneurship, and Social Justice. Her extensive experience with developing social entrepreneurial ventures and founding student organizations has enabled her to spearhead the development of Sulis as a business entity. Ari is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering and Economics. He has worked with water sanitation technology in past projects through an Israeli cleantech innovation competition. He brings his experience in graphic design, manufacturing processes, 3D modeling, and developing schematics to both develop our branding and design our suite of devices.
Sulis Pitch at Hult Prize Boston Regional

Here's a video of our final pitch at the Hult Prize Foundation Boston Regional! #hp18 #PowerForGood

Posted by Sulis on Monday, March 12, 2018