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Kidz Learn Applications
  • New Jersey
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  • 02/29/2012
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"Kidz Learn Applications" are educational, informational and fun content available as mobile apps in iOS/Android, Alexa Skills and Youtube channel."Kidz Learn Applications" are educational apps. These apps educate in math, science, basic computer science and also in a way attempts to improve the vocabulary of young users. These apps have the necessary information to make us aware of the global concerns and small proactive steps/solutions to address them.

"Kidz Learn Applications" uses technology as a means to educate kids and empower them and complements the normal curriculum offered to them at school. Quality education and awareness are imparted by creating mobile applications in maths, science through innovative songs and short stories in multiple languages. "Kidz Learn Applications" also uses Youtube and Amazon - 'Alexa' as a medium to create and publish educational contents not only related to maths and science but also address the global concerns and small proactive steps that one can take to make this world a better place. With "Kidz learn Applications", the idea, implementation and being part of the journey has and will have potential to not only self-empower an individual but maybe, pave the road for self-sustaining entrepreneurship in the future.

"Kidz Learn Applications" has had several downloads in mobile apps in countries throughout the world. The short videos in songs and stories have been watched in multiple languages through out the world. There have also been decent numbers in the customer sessions of educational and life style related skills in Alexa.

Gomathy Shankaran