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hocussfocuss LLC
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  • 05/02/2015
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The hocussfocuss cognition scope does several things A.. it filters out all kinds of information,.. B .filters information coming into the viewer. D. Induces tunnel vision. E. sets the brain to learning position. F. Eliminates unwanted enviornmental noise, and distration. G. Increases focus in the busiedt classroom. H. Replaces the dunce cap, with positive sometimes necessary isolation without leaving the classroom. NOT a punishment tool at all . I. provides an exterior hardspace , a real place kids can find themselves, and become aware...at anywhere.

Let's step back a few minutes and look what tech has replaced for us, let's say the most obvious loss is humanity, the value of humans in our tech world. Humans have become obsolete, by the tech you proliferate. The hocussfocuss is where children can discover what on earth theywere designed for in this technology based time. In the hocussfocuss you will meet you, Once this happens any world is a cake walk... by including painting or any artist hand, brain and eye endeavor kids can see where they have been, and where they were destened to go.

The impact will be this great understanding of self, and that every one else has a self unique to them....The Hocuss Focuss may give children the confidence of self that they will be able to deal with any tech on the scene...Numbers... this little tool could change an entire generation. reading, and memorizing are passive, the computer is passive, but the HocussFocuss is an active engagement within the viewer. I would spend every dime of proceeds to get this device into the hands of chilred every where.

I am a painter, and writer, i created this project alone. just like a painting.... Mono Focuss... I'm not the best to lead it... i just prefer to paint..i will hire the girl, or guy who gets this going...