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  • 01/09/2017
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CHOOOSE is a pink and positive climate action platform! In collaboration with the UN, we turn people and companies climate positive by helping them offset more CO2 than they create.

Industries around the world need carbon credits to release CO2 into the atmosphere. It’s easier and cheaper for big polluters to buy more carbon credits than it is to change their ways. On your behalf, CHOOOSE purchases carbon credits, tears them up, and throws them in the trash - making them unavailable for big polluters while driving up the cost to pollute. CHOOOSE has become the world's leader in retiring carbon credits or Certified Emission Reductions (CER.) More from the United Nations: Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) are carbon credits generated by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). It is currently the only carbon credit recognized under the United Nations Climate Change Convention, and developed under rules agreed at international level by all countries under the Kyoto Protocol. Every CER represents one ton of carbon dioxide gas that has been avoided or removed through projects that go through a 3-part stringent, robust process of approval by the national government of the country where the project is developed, a third-party certified validator, and the United Nations CDM Executive Board. These projects are dependent on sale of the CERs they generate. Through your purchase, you support climate action, but also help bring other sustainable development benefits to developing countries, such as improved air or water quality, job creation, access to energy and others. You support climate action and the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the use of CERs. CHOOOSE has launched our beta version of a blockchain solution that will not only make the retiring of carbon credits transparent but also reward people and companies for their CO2 cuts verified on the blockchain. The CHOOOSECoin will be the first cryptocurrency to monetize CO2 cuts.

CHOOOSE has blocked more than 112,435,753 LBS of CO2 from the atmosphere to date! The environmental impact equivalent to more than 56,000 avg households recycling each day for 30 years straight. While purchasing, and deleting carbon credits leads to immediate, measurable climate impact by blocking CO2- the money paid for these credits goes directly toward supporting the best sustainable, CO2 reducing projects worldwide.

Andreas Slettvoll - CEO A corporate lawyer with a series of entrepreneurial efforts behind him, among them the founding and build-up of Norway’s largest university business association and the founding and build-up of Oslo’s second largest music festival “OverOslo”. As a lawyer, he has assisted several successful start-ups from an early stage. Slettvoll is also a public speaker, both within the law community and for Norway’s largest sports event Martine Kveim - Marketing Ever passionate about creating valuable engagement, that inspires people to act in conscious ways. She is Founder of Young Happy Minds (YHM) and Young Happy Professionals (YHP), spreading the science of happiness to young people across the world Gaute Gamst - Tech lead Gaute holds a Master of Science from NTNU, and has more than 10 years experience with technology development and innovation Hendrik Guderud - PR Head of PR & activation and partner at Anorak – one of Norway´s leading advertising agencies Karl-Axel Bauer - Strategy Karl-Axel was partner with McKinsey & Company for several years, before co-founding Chooose and taking over the family business – running one of Norway’s most famous restaurants, Lorry in Oslo. Eric Doak - Head of US Eric, a passionate team builder, with 8 years of experience in direct sales leadership, co-founded one of the largest solar companies in the US, Vision Solar (now Ion Solar)