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  • 06/05/2017
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Eliminate 90% of STI’s Worldwide: The first digital sexual health center reduces fear-based sexual health behaviors. Our mobile app provides judgment-free, confidential sexual health services, verified STI results, and social features that users report make them feel more sexually confident, live healthier, happier lives, and make better sexual health decisions.

Empowered People Make Empowered Decisions Data shows that sexual health needs are being unmet by traditional medical providers (WHO). Whether it be young adults unwilling to share their sexual history, or access to care issues, testing and treatment costs are unnecessarily high and treatment is often incomplete. (CDC, 2017a). In the US alone, this is a $25B problem ($9B testing + $16B treatment) Biem tackles the systemic and social problem of STI’s in a way that has never been done. Instead of focusing on the problem, Biem focuses on the cause of the problem. That means that Biem enhances life experiences that include healthcare, education, dating, and social connections. Biem has developed the technology, content, operations, and programming required to eliminate STIs. With every interaction, Biem seeks to remove barriers that cause bad sexual health decisions like inconvenient access, fear, shame, judgment, and lack of education. Through outreach programs and world class technology, Biem expects to scale this solution and stay at a price point that doesn’t create a new barrier. The Biem mobile app leverages new technologies in mobility, video chat services, and electronic health records to create a platform that will allow users to: - see a healthcare provider over video and get prescriptions - set up testing (at a local lab or home) - receive verified STI results that can be easily shown to partners - receive notifications if they are at risk of an STI from a previous partner - find partners who are sexually health conscious We have integrated with major EMRs and eliminated the need for front office staff. Mid-level providers can virtually treat patients which increases access to care, enhances the patient experience and reduces service time and cost by more than 75%. (compared to a traditional clinic).

Human: Empowerment Numbers: Reduce world-wide STI infections by 90% FACTS According to the WHO there are over 1 millions STI’s acquired everyday world wide, and identify these as the leading causes; limited resources, stigmatization, poor quality of services, and little or no follow-up of sexual partners. MISSION Our mission is to eliminate sexual health anxiety, and empower people to get tested, share results, and expect the same from their partners. Biem is the first company to create a sexual wellness experience people WANT to do by combining medical care, diagnostics, education, social components, and communication tools. PROOF In our NYC pilot (June 2017-April 2018) we proved consumer demand for this type of product, and showed we can increase operational efficiency by a factor of three, at a quarter of the cost (when compared to a traditional clinic), while improving patient experience and outcomes. EMPOWERMENT Patients say the convenience of access to care and results have empowered them to have conversations with partners they typically would not. Instead of asking partners “when was the last time you were tested?”, our users show their results in the app and say “here are my results”. When taking this approach, users report that their partners positively reciprocate with an answer of their own 90% of the time. When we change the conversation, we change health outcomes. NUMBERS We would like to expand our services to other countries through relationships with medical providers and governments to reach those who don’t know how to get care, or simply afraid to ask the right questions. We believe if we get our software in front of the those most likely to contract an STI, we can prevent 90% of STI’s worldwide.

Bryan Stacy led talent management and digital strategy projects at Accenture for the last 13 years. He understands what it takes to operate in a commercial environment and thrives on leading teams that focus on solving problems at the intersection of culture and technology. Five years ago he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and chlamydia, and sought new ways for people to seek care and discuss sexual wellness with each other. He is constantly in-market, and currently leads mens’ group discussions on the #metoo movement and new masculinity. Using these experiences he’s able to identify the human reasons behind behavior, and can quickly implement new strategies, product features, and marketing initiatives. Dr Art Rastinehad is a urologic oncologist trained at the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. He founded Quality Medical Supplies Inc (2004, DE) and supported the development of an online medical supplies marketplace with first year sales over 1 million dollars in merchandise. His diverse background incorporating business, medicine and new technologies has positioned him uniquely to help develop a new platform for streamlining medical care via tele-medicine. Dr. Natalie Brito is a research scientist at Columbia University Medical Center investigating early neurocognitive development and psychophysiology. She received her PhD in Human Development and Public Policy from Georgetown University. She subsequently spent two years as a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, examining how distal societal factors underlie the fundamental causes of large disparities in health. Dr. Brito has received national recognition for her work, including awards from the American Psychological Association and the New York Academy of Sciences. Natalie is utilizing research in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics to ultimately change how individuals both perceive and engage in sexual health.