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  • 05/01/2015
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The creation of innovative soil-based World Grows Agri-Pod agricultural technologies, which provide unprecedented food security, safety, reliability, traceability, nutrition, quality, and accessibility in support of Human Rights to Food and to assist in eliminating global hunger and malnutrition. Agri-Pods are designed for extremely high output co-operative farming within disadvantaged or environmentally challenged areas, enabling inclusion for all genders and ages, and supporting agriculture-led economic growth by significantly diminishing importing dependencies and combining co-operative farming resources to export to global markets.

During the design and build phase, several differentiators and technology advancements needed to occur to truly achieve zero hunger and supporting Human Rights to Food. They were a significant changes in agricultural structures, LED lighting controls, space management during vast growing stages, data analytics, Crop Modeling/Planning/Management, centralized consolidated collection of global growing data, shared marketing/sales Farmers to Consumer Exchange, and catastrophe-based crop replenishment program to kick-start post land farming devastation. In response, the following technologies were identified, a prototype was built in New York, and efforts continue in advancements: World Grows Agri-Pod – High-tech modular, lightweight, structurally-efficient, low energy and mass intensity, storm/mold/impact resistant, and 99% recyclable polymeric composite structures designed to be flat-packed shipped Pop-Up Agri-architecture. Benefits – extraordinary harvested yields, healthy plant morphology and nutrition, reduced harvest time and resources. Vertical Shelf Automation with Integrated BioMass Detection & LED Lighting Controls – Smart composite-based shelving system leveraging Bio-Mass Detection and Plant Canopy Topography Analysis to automate vertical shelf expansion as plants grow. Shelving integrates flexible 5-phased dawn/day/dusk LED lighting emulating sunlight anywhere in the world, various size composite containers, irrigation, air circulation, and data collecting sensors. Benefits – efficient use of cubic space, atomic level data collection, actual plant growth tied to tasks/resources/costs, and Software as a Service based integration combining data from all farms globally within a single platform. Crop Modeling, Planning, and Space Allocation – Combinatorial Optimization Efficiency algorithms model the most advantageous use of vertical and horizontal space based on weighted and prioritized criterium such as current and scheduled crops, past Plant Formula performance, harvested amounts, off-season crop availability, highest profit, lowest risks, expanding crop varieties, resource reserving or current availability, etc. Changing the criterium produces a new model with resource and costs estimates allowing Farm management to holistically predict a single farm or the co-operative farm’s performance. Once a model is selected, a crop plan is saved, scheduled and run. Benefits – unparalleled predictive analytics, centralized global data resource.

Legitimize the viability of WorldGrows Agri-Pod technologies as the next generation vertical agriculture to significantly increase total factor productivity and eliminating world hunger. The project is still in the R&D phase and focused on creating a small scale farm. Currently all figures are estimated and have not been proven out. However, the estimation is the creation of approximately 6 million pounds of food can be created annually within an abandoned lot, warehouse, or undesirable land.

Lead Project Director: Avi Moskovitz – President & Senior Program Manager Department: WorldGrows Agri-Pod Technology Division Institution: AVI Consulting, Inc. – NYC Email: AviM@AVIConsultingNY.com Collaborating Investors: Mark Goulthorpe - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor of Architecture & dECOi Architect Department: The MIT School of Architecture and Planning Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Peter Janicki - CEO and Designer of The Omni Processor Department: Bill Gates Partnership for the Conversion of Raw Sewage to Drinking Water Institution: Janicki Machine Design – Leading US composite fabricator Rez Mani – Professor of Applied Physics and Astronomy Department: Department of Earth & Space & Engineering Institution: York University