9 Great Quotes on Effective Communication, Networking, and Pitching from the 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival

Want to improve your communication, networking, and pitching skills? Of course you do! Check out some of our favorite quotes from our 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival speakers for a slew of uber practical tips on how to successfully and effectively connect, build relationships, network, and communicate with fellow innovators, hiring managers, V.C.s, and investors. #LetsPropel

  1. Introduce yourself as the real you: The next time you’re asked to introduce yourself, instead of mumbling your name and day job, try introducing yourself along with your true passion. “When I started introducing myself as a coach, I was more passionate, more engaging, and people could feel that and responded to it.” – Roger Osorio, High Performance Learning Coach
  2. Slow down. Way down: “Lack of enunciation, speed of words, and lack of pauses kill your pitch.”- Michael Chad Hoeppner, Founder of GK Training and Communications
  3. Get specific: “When we’re reviewing resumes, the main focus is on what they’ve accomplished in their individual roles. For example, I don’t want to read ‘I grew sales by 10% last year.’ I want to know what exactly did you grow? And how exactly did you accomplish this growth?” – Holly Rose Faith, Talent Partner at New Enterprise Associates
  4. Remember, pitching is really about establishing connection: “It’s all about building a relationship,” – Tom Wisniewski, Managing Partner at Newark Venture Partners
  5. Share your passion: “I like to ask people, ‘What did you want to be when you were ten? That lets me know if entrepreneurship is really in their blood. A lot of people get into the game because it’s cool. But that enduring passion means more.” – Gus Warren, Managing Director at Samsung NEXT Ventures
  6. Be confident: “Don’t undersell yourself. Even if you don’t have every single experience or skill needed, if something is interesting to you, apply !” –  Rebecca Price, VP of People at Enigma.com
  7. No, seriously. Be confident in your skills, talents, and expertise! “No one’s been through the exact same collection of experiences and met the same people as you. No one’s had your path. What you bring to the table is fresh. Do it your own way.” – John Henry, Founder of Cofound Harlem and Venture Partner at Harlem Capital Partners
  8. Get honest, get vulnerable: “If you actually open up at work or in your life, people will follow you anywhere.” – Bart Longar, Managing Director at V1.VC
  9. K.I.S.S. Or, Keep It Simple Stupid: ““The simplest approach is usually the right one.” – Nick Sonnenberg, Co-founder of Leverage 

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