3 Steps to Building Long-Term, Sustainable Success

Todd Giannattasio, Founder & CEO of Tresnic Media, wants to help you grow your business and turn strangers into your customers. Todd’s an expert at using social media and digital marketing techniques to build brands, generate leads, and drive sales, and he wants to help burgeoning entrepreneurs harness the power of content to make their dreams come true. Read on for his top three strategies to grow your business, market the right way, and build long-term success for your company.

Build the Foundation:

Want to create a solid platform to launch and eventually grow your biz? Begin with the most important person in mind – your customer. Learn everything you can about your customer by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are my customers thinking about?
  • What kinds of questions are my customers asking?
  • Where is my customer in the buyer’s journey?
  • Where is my customer in their daily life?
  • What problems does my customer face?

Once you have a clear and defined profile of your customer, then you can move on to your next strategy for long-term success…

Build Your System:

Now that you know your customer inside and out, it’s time to think about creating a marketing message that matches your customer. And, instead of instantly jumping to selling your customer something, Todd wants you to think about other ways to connect with your target audience. Otherwise, you’re only engaging with “the 3% of your audience who wants to buy something right now,” Todd says.

Want ways to engage with your customer? Great! Now it’s time to…

Get to Work. Actually Do Shit:

“Today is all about digital content and assets. Create content around every question your customer has. Get out, post it on social media. You need to be visible,” Todd said. “Don’t worry about being perfect, just go. You need to get your car on the track, then you can steer.”

Focus on creating as much informative, engaging content as possible, so you can quickly become a thought leader and trusted source of information for your customer. Once you’ve built your customer’s trust on you up, they’ll rely on you in the future – when they finally need to make a purchase. And, when thinking about creating a content strategy, remember Todd’s magic formula to long-term content success:

Activity = Visibility = Opportunity

Watch highlights from Todd’s talk at the 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival:

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