The 2018 Welcome Letter: let them roll their eyes.

Two years ago I hit go on the Propelify Innovation Festival.  People thought I was crazy. Some still do.

They said it would never work. They said, “who would come to Hoboken?” They said good luck and rolled their eyes.

Until 10,000 people showed up.

I bet people have rolled their eyes at you before.  I bet you’ve had some crazy idea that people laughed at.

Until they didn’t.

We’ve now welcomed 18,000 innovators to the Propelify Innovation Festival in 2016 and 2017 to wow attendees with f-bombs from Gary V and grace from Arianna Huffington.  

It’s been among the most humbling experiences in my life. I constantly receive emails thanking us for helping people find employees, clients, investors, friends, and more, like these:

Propelify set a new standard for the technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship community.


“We found more leads and obtained more contacts in one day than any other conference we’ve ever attended. The venue was beautiful, the quality of the speakers was superb, and the content provided was current, relevant, and inspiring.” 

And now we’re back.

On May 17th the epic Propelify Innovation Festival returns. The event that Forbes called “the SXSW of the Northeast” is here.  We have amazing speakers like the founders of Plated, Boxed, and Rent The Runway, and sponsors like Dell, Sprint, Jet, Entrepreneur, Red Bull, Audible, Mercer, and more.  And we have music, food, drinks, drones, VCs, and all things tech and business.

But most importantly, I hope we’ll have you.  Because we’re not just some event. We’re a community of changemakers who shape the future.  A community that refuses to take no for an answer. A group with the determination to find a way through, where others see a wall.  A community of doers who don’t just invent ideas, but who turn those ideas into action.

So join us.  Because while other people roll their eyes, you put your head down, give it all you’ve got, and you hustle it into existence. That’s what we do.

See you on May 17th.

And do us both a favor – buy your ticket now.  You’ll save a bunch since it’s the lowest price the ticket will ever be, but more importantly, so we can plan an even better experience for you when we know you’re coming.

Let’s propel.   

– Aaron

founder & CEO




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