10 Inspiring Quotes on Entrepreneurship from the 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival

At the 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival, over 80+ speakers dispensed their best wisdom, know-how, and advice to the crowd of 10,000+ innovators, entrepreneurs, and gamechangers. Here are some of our favorite quotes from our 2017 speakers on the hustle, devotion, and grit needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.  Consider this your #MotivationMonday boost. #LetsPropel

  1. On dealing with unexpected challenges: “There’s only one way forward. Learn to let go and focus on the things in your control.”  – Aaron Price, Founder & CEOPropelify Innovation Festival
  2. On building a successful product: “Value isn’t what you do. Value is what people receive.” – Jack Hanlon, VP of Analytics & Insight at Jet.com
  3. On making it happen: “There are so many great ideas and so many people who have great ideas. But what’s so key, and I know that’s what this conference is about, is execution.” – Antonia Saint Dunbar, Co-founder of Thinx and Icon underwear
  4. On vulnerability: “Leaders think they have to have all of the answers, but what if instead you said ‘Team, I don’t know in this situation and I really need your help. I’m scared too.’ Now that’s courage. Now that’s leadership,” – Burt LorangManaging Director at V1.VC 
  5. On creating a successful culture: Take the best parts of multiple leaders you admire and respect and then make it your own. Be really nice to everyone that comes your way. Stick with a goal, day in and day out, no matter what comes your way. And have fun.” – Ryan Harwood, CEO & Founder of PureWow
  6.  On taking risks: “Airplane walking is extremely safe…When you look at something, the perceived risk might be really high but when you really learn about it, you remove some risk. And that’s how it works in business too.  If you can find areas that have a significant spread between perceived and real – now you’ve found an opportunity to make a lot of money.” – Div Turakhia, Founder & CEO, Media.Net, Founder, Directi
  7. On passion project vs. entrepreneurship: “Your product does no good for anyone if you can’t monetize it.” – Dave Meltzer, CEO Sports 1 Marketing
  8. On perfectionism and procrastination: “Get out, and then post it on social media. You need to be visible. Don’t worry about being perfect, just go. You need to get your car on the track, then you can steer.” – Todd Giannattasio, Founder & CEO Tresnic Media
  9. On wellness and self-care:  “The paradigm is that to be successful in business, you have to be on 24/7. But that’s a delusion. The question to ask  is: what are you doing every day to take care of yourself?” – Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO,  Thrive Global
  10. On discovering your purpose: “You need to align personal values, purpose, and what drives you – your why. Really focus on that personal growth and mindset. Focus on internal before you build something external.” – Gerard Adams, Founder of  Fownders

Watch highlights from the 2017 Propelify Innovation Festival:

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